Cookie Co. is an ambitious start-up aimed at creating a Cookie Culture in India through its fresh baked, high quality and global flavour offering.

Meet our Founding Baker


Born to a beautiful Parsee mother and an enterprising Gujarati father, Kshiti’s love for desserts & a sharp mind for business was rooted right to the DNA. 

She spent the most exciting time of her life in the USA, pursuing her degree in Finance & Marketing at Purdue University and later pursued her Masters from Harvard University. With a staggering 6 years of work experience in some of the best manufacturing & food industries, a handsome pay package, and an intellectually challenging job – Kshiti was happy, but this wasn’t her ultimate calling. It did not feed her soul! She heard her heart out and re-engineered her life, quit her job, and decided to move back to India. Shortly after a year of introspection, her love child The Cookie Co. was born.

Who doesn't like chocolate?

Are you the “not chocolate again” type? Well data says that you are an anomaly.

But as much as we love chocolate, we love to bake amazing chocolate free cookie flavours that use sweet and tart berries, crunchy nuts and delicious dried fruits. 

Try out our non chocolate cookies today!

Our Flagship Store

We opened our first Cookie shop at Vadodara, Gujrat. 

And there is a secret in store for you!!